SP-0010 – Sterilization Pouches – 1.25″ x 3.0″ , ,

Precision Brand Pouches – 200 per box – 2.25″ x 4.0″


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One Box of Sterilization Seal Autoclave Pouches 

Provide your clients with the cleanest and safest environment. These Precision Medical Sterilization Seal Autoclave Pouches come in a variety of sizes, meeting all your needs to clean the smallest supplies & jewellery, to larger tools and equipment.

Features Include:

1) Self Sealing
2) Triple sealed for extra strength and aid in preventing tears
3) 60 gram weight kraft medical/grade paper
4) 30 Gram weight blue tinted polyester film
5) FDA accepted
6) For use in gas, steam and vapor sterilizers
7) Comes with Internal Indicators


  • Price Per Box
  • 200 pcs per box
  • Self Sealing, triple sealed for extra strength
  • For use in gas, steam and vapor sterilizers