SMP-001 Stainless Steel Surgical Marker , , , ,

Individual marker with interchangeable sterilized tip.

Customers who want to use a full length pen, now have the ability to do so at a  low price compared to full size sterile pens on the market.  Once your project is done, unscrew the tip and toss it and re-sterilize the steel tube. The precision ground tip won’t clog and stays needle sharp – yet soft enough to insure patient safety.


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1. Clean skin area thoroughly with an alcohol prep or swab. Be certain to dry the area completely.

2. Carefully mark the cleaned skin area. Allow skin markings to dry.

3. Prep normally the marked site. Markings will remain permanent,


1. The ink is gentian violet. It is surgical ink that is the only ink approved for use on human skin during invasive procedures.

2. It can be removed with alcohol and a gentle scrub. It becomes a more permanent mark once it is allowed to dry.

3. The pen is sterile and aseptic. The tip cannot be autoclaved because it will melt, but the steel pen can be sterilized by an autoclave.

4. The pen tip should be discarded or given to the client after use..


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